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Terms and Conditions

CLJazz aims to keep its courses as cheap as possible. We work on an expenses only basis, paying tutors and accommodation fees, and a very small amount goes into the CLJazz bank account to cover contingencies.

We have recently had some instances of last minute cancellations and stopped cheques when we have been committed to paying tutors and course expenses and I feel it is now necessary to install some terms and conditions as follows:

A deposit A £50 deposit is non returnable unless a replacement is found to take your place.

All deposits will be returned in the event of a course or workshop being cancelled.

The balance The balance will be payable four weeks before the commencement of the course and is non-refundable unless a replacement can be found

If a participant needs to leave, for any reason, before the course has been completed no refunds can be made since we have already committed to pay tutors and residence owners.

Every effort is made to provide the tutors and schedule as advertised but it may be necessary to substitute tutors in exceptional circumstances (such as illness) and vary the schedule according to the demands of the course/workshop when it is running.

No responsibility can be taken for instruments and equipment and participants are advised to mark all equipment